Basque country

Euskal Herria

Basque culture has deep roots: the Basque people are some of Europe's oldest inhabitants. Their culture, however, is still alive and well and is sustained to this day:

  • the language ("Euskara"): is very different from the other European languages 
  • the music: it is said that there is no Basque who does not sing or makes music. Tradition lives in a modern form in the music of Elaudi, Kepa Junkera and Benito Lertxundi (> alongside, with the song “Bizkaia maite“)
  • the dance: performed by youths in traditional costumes (a feast for the eyes), but also by anyone who likes to start dancing as soon as the orchestra starts playing
  • the sport: famous is the typical Basque pelote. During high season there are pelote games in town every week. Furthermore, there are spectacular matches in Basque strength sports. Local teams compete at tree-trunk throwing, car pushing and tug-of-war 
  • the architecture: the typical red-white houses with woodwork (like our hostel) and the churches with their wooden walkways 
  • the visual arts: no festival takes place without arts and crafts. You will find modern art in the galleries on our street.