choose your way

When mapping out your route there are some important choices to make. It is difficult to say anything about the choices in general: everyone will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives differently.

Example. The lengths of the various routes are easy to compare (see > alongside: distances). The length, however, does not say all about the effort required. Larger changes in altitude make the route of Le Puy more difficult than the ones via Vézelay or Paris, the Camino del Norte more strenous than the Camino Francés, and the alternatives (below, under 4.) via the Camino del Salvador and the Camino Primitivo more demanding than the usual route. And of course altitude is also relative: a beautiful, fascinating route makes you forget about distances, while a boring route makes you count down every kilometer. 
And so on and so forth.
Yet below we attempt to answer some frequently asked questions, based on our own experiences and on the stories of many guests. In three steps: 1. the main route (below), 2. zooming in and 3. budget and planning (> alongside).
1. the main route