Esprit Cards

We have created 24 "Esprit cards" with questions, suggestions and quotes for your journey. (See alongside > an example). The Cards are organized according to the stages of a journey:

  • preparation (the call and the departure)
  • on the way (on the way and the companions)
  • home again 

But of course you can use the cards in any other order. Everyone goes his or her own way, and makes his or her own choices. Questions that are very important to one person at a specific moment, can be completely irrelevant to another.

Oh ... whenever the word “walking” is used on the Cards, we also mean “cycling” of course.
You can:
  • download > the 24 Esprit Cards (including an introductory card), or
  • buy them, ready-made in our hostel (or order them by mail), in English, French, Spanish, German, and Dutch. The cards are plasticized, but weigh only 74g. So it is no problem at all to take them along in your backpack or bike bag. One set of cards costs € 5 (shipping costs not included).