the hosts

Some pilgrims have already noticed that "L'Esprit du Chemin",, became "Beilari " (pilgrim in Basque, and also " one who awaits "). The house Beilari inherited the mission of the spirit of the Way by  welcoming pilgrims on their journey. Our friends, Huberta and Arno, were the hospitaleros (hostel hosts) who bought and molded this incredible home since 2003. They have given us their blessing to continue their dream and to welcome the world home.


Arrive at the inn to rest, to take refuge, to inspire, to prepare, and to make way for the next step of your journey. Our goal, the goal of Beilari hospitaleros, is to provide a haven to pilgrims where all this is possible; an invitation to "come home" in the middle of the small planetary family that recreates every night, every morning.


Each day is a new beginning and so, each day, we must prepare the refuge for our next pilgrims. There is cleaning, errands and maintenance of the property to take care of. We must also spend time planning our reservation bookings and maintaining our website.  In order to maintain the highest standards of care and quality, there is much to do behind the scenes.