inner journey

"To take the road" is a well known metaphor for life. For many people their decision to walk or bike to Santiago, coincides with a special occasion or a new phase in their lives.

Routes to Santiago are being described and signposted from ever increasing distances. More and more travel guides and websites provide useful information. 
In the meantime, the other route -the path of life- seems to become more and more of a labyrinth. World-wide, things are evloving more and more quickly. Our societies become ever more complicated and traditional relationships are under pressure. People are allowed, and obliged, to make their own choices in all of this turmoil. That is why many people really appreciate the Camino as a gift, where they have the possibility of stepping out of ordinary life as a pilgrim for a while.

Being on the road, carrying everything you need yourself, being in the midst of nature, facing the unknown, settling into the rhythm of the long journey, being on your own, meeting with other people, making your own choices, being away from the well-known and the familiar. These are wonderful ingredients for a profound experience. So, undertaking a pilgrim’s journey is an excellent way of becoming at ease, of taking the time to discover (again) what really matters. Gradually, you can, in a natural way, come into contact with who you really are, with your destination, and how you want to reach it.


Arno and Huberta, the preceding hospitaleros, created and designed the Esprit Cards. Maybe you will find the inspiration that can help your inner journey.

In the column > alongside you will find links to an inspirational book and website of others.

We wish you a wonderful inner journey!