holy places

Besides Rome and Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela is one of the most important places of Christian pilgrimage. Other world religions also have their famous holy places, such as:

  • Islam (for example Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, and Jerusalem),
  • Buddhism (for example, the Borobudur, in Indonesia), and
  • Hinduism (for example, Varanasi, in India).

In these places, the devine becomes, as it were, tangible.
In Santiago de Compostela, believers embrace the statue of St. James, which stands behind the great altar in the Catedral.

In Mecca, the pilgrims walk around the Ka’aba, which represents the center of Islam, during the annual pilgrimage. 

In Varanasi, believers wash themselves in the holy River Ganges.

The terraces of the Borobudur lead the pilgrims higher and higher, to the nirvana.