connection Biarritz / Pau - St-Jean

Biarritz airport

From Biarritz airport you can take bus 14, by Chronoplus, or a taxi to Bayonne station. There you can take a train to Saint-Jean.
(The information about the Chronoplus buses is not very clear. Normally there is a bus every half hour. The ride to Bayonne station also takes about half an hour).
Please keep in mind that, especially on Sundays outside the tourist season, you might have to wait quite some time for a train to Saint-Jean.
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An alternative might be: take a taxi at the airport, or ask Bourricot Express to pick you up. The ride to Saint-Jean takes about one hour.
Every year there are more pilgrims who use Express Bourricot, connecting through messages on our website carpool, to reduce costs.
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Pau airport

From the airport you can take Idelis bus to the Pau station and then continue by train, via Bayonne, to Saint-Jean.
Please note that it is quite a long journey. This also means that any taxi is expensive, especially because the chance that you can share it with others is small. (By far the most pilgrims travel via Biarritz).