are there bedbugs on the Camino?

Yes, unfortunately. There are bedbugs (or: “punaises de lits” (French) or “chinches“ (Spanish)) again in all types of accommodation, including accommodation along the pilgrim roads to Santiago de Compostela.

It is (often) not a matter of poor hygiene, but of the presence of insects that have spread very quickly, primarily through transport of luggage. 
Read more about bedbugs > Wikipedia.
what can you do about it yourself?
  • before packing, inspect the inside of your sleeping bag daily and also inspect the contents of your backpack frequently.
  • for prevention, treat your sleeping bag, luggage and personal belongings, on the inside and out, with an ecological detergent,  
  • ventilate your sleeping bag as often as possible.
  • if you have doubts about the possible presence of bedbugs in the accommodation of your choice, discuss it with your host.
  • coming home: if you think there are bedbugs or eggs in your backpack or have some concerns about it, put the pack in a freezer for several days. Or wash everything possible in a washing machine at a temperature of 65°C or higher, and freeze the things that cannot tolerate the heat (such as synthetics). 

preventive treatment
We treat our albergue with an ecological detergent which is harmless to people and to the environment.

You can buy the detergent yourself to treat your personal belongings, especially your sleeping bag and luggage. There is a spray of 125 ml, specially designed for walkers and bikers. The detergent remains active for at least a week. Used weekly, the spray will be sufficient for 3 to 4 weeks. You can also use the product around your sleeping place if you suspect that the accommodation has not had preventive treatment.

In our albergue you can buy this spray, at the fixed price of 12 Euros.