Rome-Santiago / Santiago-Rome

These days you can walk all the way from Rome to Santiago with the help of guidebooks and road markings. And vice versa.

The main route from Rome through Italy is the Via Francigena (see alongside > map). It then passes through Switzerland and France to Canterbury in England. After Pontremoli and Pavia two variants lead towards Santiago. The main choices are then determined by three mountain ranges: 

1. the Alps. Choice: 

- cross them (from Pavia, via de Col du Montgenèvre: connection to the Via Domitia / GR 653D, to Arles), or
- pass them, along the mediterranean coastline (from Pontremoli, via Menton: connection to the Via Aurelia / GR 653A, to Arles). (map by:  Amis St-Jacques PACAC). 

The route from Arles is determined by the next obstacle:

2. the Pyrenees.
Choice: where to pass the mountains: 
  • right away, along the mediterranean coastline (connection to Caminos through Catalonia and Aragon),
  • first along the northern foot of the mountains and then continue along the Atlantic coast (connection to the Camino del Norte), or
  • cross the mountains somewhere (connection to Caminos through Catalonië and Aragon or the Camino Francés).
More information: see alongside > maps by and Vppyr

3. the Cantabrian Mountains. 
- underneath: Camino Francés, 
- northside: the northern coastal road, or 
- cross the mountains somewhere.
(map: Wikipedia

In 2009 and 2010 we ourselves walked from Saint-Jean, via Arles and the Col du Montgenèvre, to Rome (on our way to Jerusalem). More information > travel stories Huberta & Arno