Est-ce que vous voulez partager un taxi (p.e. Express Bourricot), p.e. de l’aéroport de Biarritz à Saint-Jean ? 
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à Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port
Date de départtrier par ordre décroissant Courriel Message
Lundi, 06 Avril 2020

Biarritz (aéroport/airport)
Mary Conway Hello. We (2) arrive in Biarritz airport at 17.10. If anyone would like to share a transfer with Express Bourricot around that time you would be very welcome. Mary.
Samedi, 25 Avril 2020

Biarritz (aéroport/airport)
Miriam Lenz Hi. I booked a Transport by expressbouricot. We drive at 18:15 to SJPdP. And we have 7 Free Seat.
Jeudi, 30 Avril 2020

Biarritz (aéroport/airport)
Nancy Manning Hi - does anyone want to share a Taxi from Biarritz to Sjpdp? It leaves at 1700. Let me know. Phone 831-818-4365 or email: Thanks, Nancy
Lundi, 04 Mai 2020

Biarritz (aéroport/airport)
Sandra Schwalb Hi, I have reserved transport by expressbouricot 4/5 at 18 .15. We still have seats left.
Mardi, 02 Juin 2020

Biarritz (aéroport/airport)
Kay Shue My husband and I are wanting to take a taxi (or shuttle?) from the Biarritz airport to the Beilari Hostel on June 2, 2020. Our flight arrives in Biarritz at 17.45 pm. Is anyone interested in sharing a ride hopefully in time to arrive for dinner at 19.30? Please get in touch! Thank you! Kay and... more
Samedi, 01 Août 2020

Omar Flaquer-Mendoza **Greetings. I'll be arriving at the Pamplona Airport from Madrid on Saturday, August 1st, at 1730. I may be late for the last bus to SJPDP, so any Pilgrims who would like to share a taxi, please get in touch. If we are at least 4, it will be less expensive. Omar Flaquer *** Saludos. Estaria... more
Jeudi, 10 Septembre 2020

Biarritz (aéroport/airport)
Sakura Mizuno-Dennis Arriving at Biarritz airport 10:40 am. Interested in carpooling to Beilari with fellow pilgrims. Thanks!