• END of SEASON 2020 (10 nov 2020)


    It’s the end of October and we say good-bye to the 2020 season, say farewell to this time in which Beilari has been held in thrall to the pandemic and its consequences at every level. Nevertheless, despite the unique experiences of this year, we close the doors of Beilari with a sense of gratefulness and with the hope of opening in the coming year with a greater sense of ease and serenity.

    The season was short, shorter than the usual. The rooms of the albergue were not full as they were in the past. Neither were the tables full. This year there were no heartfelt handshakes and no embraces. But the spirit of the Camino in Beilari was more alive than ever. Thanks, Oh, Great Spirit.

    We shared so much; we opened ourselves to each other; we continued being moved by the humanity of each person; we laughed and cried together and we were united in needing to continue walking together towards that which gives us Life.

    We know that launching out on the Camino this year and facing a sea of uncertainty was not at all an easy thing. It was truly an act of courage and determination, a true challenge. And for those of you who took that challenge, we give you our heartfelt thanks.

    THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have passed through our house, especially this year.

    THANK YOU for your belief in us which has allowed us to continue opening each day, and to continue welcoming all of you despite the difficult situation.

    THANK YOU for your clear intentions and for your perseverance to continue along the Camino.

    THANK YOU for the quality of your presence which has left marks on our hearts and the hearts of fellow pilgrims.

    AND THANKS A MILLION TIMES to all of you who could not come to Camino this year and who supported us in your hearts and financially. And THANKS to all of you who carried us in your thought, your prayers and meditations.

    We will never forget your crucial sustenance and unconditional support in these vulnerable times. You are the life blood which has continued circulating and give life to the Camino. You are the oxygen which infuses life and propels us forward to continue our mission of providing shelter to pilgrims.

    Now we close the physical doors of Beilari, but our hearts remain open. Now we enter the winter and a new period of confinement, into a time of growing darkness, bringing us to deeper self knowledge and self acceptance. Clearly, this will be a kind of spiritual retreat in which it will become more necessary than ever to illuminate our inner light, fine tune our ability to discern and strengthen our deeply grounded roots and the roots that lift us to the heavens.

    We remain grounded in the hope of a new awakening for Mother Earth and for all the inhabitants that live in her.

    We send all of you our most heartfelt greetings and we send you the courage to pass through whatever is given us individually and collectively. We hope to see you, God willing, in the coming year.





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