• BEILARI is OPEN (13 Jul 2020)

    We have opened.

    Until today it was difficult to say whether we had or hadn't. But today we can tell you with certainty that we are indeed open. During the last three weeks, we have alternated between days in which we took in some groups of Peregrinos (very reduced in size, 3 to 7 persons) and days in which we were closed. The numbers of Peregrinos who walk the streets of St Jean have nothing to do with what we have seen in past years. Just to give you an idea of the difference, in past years during these dates our town has welcomed more than 300 Peregrinos each day and now we have not seen any more than 50 per day. This is the reality that presents itself at this moment.

    For us, suddenly, the situation is very clear: We are here and we will continue being here to welcome those who can and who want to begin the Camino.

    In this extraordinary time many Peregrinos have decided to postpone their Camino until future years giving priority to caution in the face of possible risks. Others have decided to take advantage of this unique time to live the present reality by walking. Neither of these decisions should be judged, but it is very obvious that a Peregrino opting to walk now has to be clearer in his/her decision than ever before facing the fear that might arise in any of us and also responding to the judgement of some groups. Caution is and will be necessary in these times, but no less important will be a sense of respect. Respect for the very personal decisions of each of us whether to walk or stay at home. Only each person in his innermost heart of hearts will be able to respond adequately to the call of the Camino.

    We want to give you our decision for Beilari: we are open.


    Réservations: ou Tél: +33.559372468





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