The Accomodations

The accomodations

Beilari is a chaming Basque house built in the 16th century. It is situated in the pedestrian street of the old Citadelle, in the heart of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. The building was restored and transformed into an alberque at the beginning of this century. The work respected the soul of the house with its feeling as a family house.

Our albergue is 10 minutes by foot from the train station and bus station, 5 minutes from the post office and close to all businesses. Just across the street is the Pilgrims’ Office where you can gather information and obtain your credencial, your pilgrim’s passport.

Our house has a capacity of 14 beds distributed throughout 4 spacious bedrooms, two with three each and two for four each. The rooms are full of light, well ventilated and quiet, assuring you a good night’s rest. We have christened them with the names of the four elements in Euskera (the Basque language): LURRA (earth), URA (water) SUA (fire) and HAIZEA (wind). LURRA is on the ground level and the other three, URA, SUA and HAIZEA are on the upper level. The baths are shared.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen is the very heart of this house where the preparation of our collective meals takes place. It is a private space to which pilgrims do not have access. We have large tables which are used to serve breakfast and dinner. Dinner during mild weather is often served on the outdoor terrace. During chilly days our wood burning stove offers warmth.

Covered terrace and garden

The covered terrace is a delightful common area which we use during a large portion of the season as a gathering place for pilgrims around the dinner table. It is a meeting place, a venue for unforgettable evenings of sharing experiences in a fraternal atmosphere. The terrace offers tables where you can read take notes or prepare for the upcoming day in tranquility.


Our house also has a four-level garden lying just below the ancient walls of the Citadelle. There you can marvel at the view of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. And for those who might need a moment of solitude or prayer, there is a small house for meditation at your disposal on the first level of the garden.