The interior camino

The interior camino

On this itinerary with no signposts we begin our camino advancing step for step, backpack shouldered. Even more than just the pleasure of walking or the excitement the adventure brings, we are moving across our own interior paths.

Abandoning our usual places, our homes, our connections, our habits, objects and daily rhythm is truly the first step of pilgrimage. Taking this first step is accepting exile, leaving the familiar and one’s comfort zone. It is this very indispensible moment of letting go that enables us to move forward to that which awaits us.

Each of our own, individual Caminos is unique. It is a transit rich in all kinds of experiences. We will be confronted by our problems, our own fears, our pain and suffering, our own confusion, our own beliefs and by our own shadows which will beg to be illuminated.As we shed the weight of these limiting “backpacks”, the fog that envelops the landscape dissipates to reveal the beauty of who we really are.



Unknown distance
Heavy Climbing
High altitude guaranteed

A Camino to be highly recommended