Walking with your family

Walking with your family

During holidays we have the grand pleasure of welcoming families to Beilari. Parents, children, grand-parents with grandchildren, sometimes even all three generations, all walking together on the Camino. The members of these families give the precious gift to each of personal discovery and of becoming closer through walking. Welcoming these families, giving them shelter is an enormous satisfaction to us. We love seeing families enjoying their vacations, passing on the love of the Camino, the school of life.

“As soon as you put on your boots, the adventure begins!” Leonard Pelion, 8 years old.

“Being able to share all of this with my family is a marvelous experience. I totally enjoyed each moment.” Matthias Pellion, 11 years old.

“The Camino has helped me grow in my faith and also to become more mature as an adolescent.” Gaetan Pellion, 14 years old.

“Setting out on the Camino is at one time synonymous with unforgettable experiences in our beautiful country and at the same time a way for me to rediscover my family which is something that throughout this adventure has never ceased to amaze me. Onwards and upwards!”
Timothee Peillon, 17 years old.

“This has been the best way to strengthen my connections with my family. It is also a good way to have magnificent experiences.”
Cyprien Peillon, 18 years old.


“Rediscovering simple joys and helping our children discover them. Like gathering berries, drinking fresh water from a fountain, experiencing the beautiful countryside, being peaceful in oneself, feeling a sense of awe together, being taken care of by kind and sensitive hospitaleros.
Peillon Family, August 2021