The spirit of the albergue

The spirit of the albergue: A place of meeting

Beilari came to us a blessing from heaven. We are Jacqueline and Joseph, and we consider ourselves very fortunate. We are both from Basque country and live in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. Who would have ever imagined that we would turn into hospitaleros? We only watched from a distance as peregrinos passed through the town like migrating birds. A series of coincidences and synchronicities at the beginning of 2014 opened the way for our commitment to our particular camino. Since then we have sheltered thousands of peregrinos and walkers from all over the world in our house.
Our goal is for Beilari to be a place of intersection, encouraging people with diverse sensibilities, nationalities, cultures and languages to encounter each other.

Our mission

What is really most important to us in this adventure is not the number of people we welcome, but the very practice of giving refuge and offering hospitality in itself:…to welcome the humanity of each person.
to come together around the table for a good dinner with human beings from every horizon who, at least for one night, become a family.
…to feel the Essence which unites us, still respecting our very own unique ways.
…to be touched up close by brotherhood.
…to absorb the common Spirit of the Camino in the midst of all of these very personal caminos.

This is our desire and our mission.