The formula half pension


In our experience we have found that the most powerful moments for all of us happen around shared meals at the big tables. Sharing good moments together, enjoying great food not only provides nutrition for the body, but also allows each person a moment to exchange thoughts, share and open oneself to the others. For this reason our decision is that the half pension proposition is for all guests at Beilari.


The meals

Meals at Beilari are prepared with love in our family kitchen. We utilize fresh products and, for the most part, local ones. The menu is vegetarian, light, balanced and always nutritional. The menus are light and aid digestion before sleep in order for you to rest well. They are nutritional in order to support the physical effort demanded by the Camino.

The menus

Our menus change daily, but always offer a hot or cold soup of the season, mixed salads, a main course and dessert. And all of it accompanied by a good wine of the Rioja. To your health!