Pilgrims Book

We were going to stay one night in Beilari and we stayed three. It was certainly one of the stages on our Camino that was the most enriching and that had a huge affect on us. A great moment of sharing.

During two pilgrimages I visited about 120 albergues. Beilari is one I would like to return to. The atmosphere is agreeable, relaxed with out being invasive. I recommend it to everyone.

If you want a great start on your Camino, stay at Beilari! Right across the street from the Pilgrim's Office it's not hard to find. Lovely atmosphere, great dinner and breakfast (which is included in the price) and don't forget to sign the guest book! Buen Camino!

Charming albergue. Small and everything done in a marvelous way.

It is pretty and extraordinarily clean The dormitories are pleasant, very functional and we had no worry about health issues. Everything had been taken care of. The guests feel comfortable, the evening is lively, happy, the sharing between everyone was pleasant. You will leave full of energy. It is an obligatory stop!

Joseph offers the warmest hospitality and Camino community. Beautiful place.

Where do I begin? This place is such an amazing place to start your Camino Frances. There is such a kindness and beauty here that is hard to describe, but easy to experience. Joseph and Elizabeth were really joyous and welcomed us pilgrims as family. The beds were clean, as were the bathrooms; the food was warm and delicious. I highly recommend beginning your camino here.

Hospitalero, the kitchen, the house, what happiness! We had the great good fortune of staying in this marvelous albergue with its memorable location. When we come back again to leave on the Camino from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port we will return to Beilair. For sure!

How can you describe everything that you receive at the albergue of Beilari? The warm welcome of Joseph. A welcome that restores the body and comforts the heart! An ideal place to end fully the Chemin du Puy or even to start the Camino. What happiness!

It was so great, like a big lovely Family.

This albergue is an exceptional place for the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. The welcome of Joseph is exceptional and full of attention for each person. Full of comfort, the house has the charm of the past. We recommend this albergue to everyone who wants to live their Camino to Santiago de Compostela to the fullest!

The hospitalero is very kind and the hostal is clean and very welcoming. Stay here the night before your start on the Camino Frances. It will give you the best start!!

A welcoming place to start your Camino. Look around because the people you see at dinner will be sharing the trail with you for weeks.

An unforgettable momento on the Camino. The welcome is very warm in this pretty house where you will feel as if you have arrived home. You will feel very listened to here. Goodness and beautiful energy permeate this place. Joseph knew how to give us confidence for the climb over the Pyrenees. It even seemed easy to us. Despite the bad weather with much wind, cold and sleet on that 25th of September.

An excellent welcome. The albergue is very clean, food for a family and home-made. We were cared for in the spirit of the Camino, listened to, given attention and encouragement to continue the Camino. Thanks for everything!

How could one eve forget the sublime moments in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port? Impossible! I was the last guest of the season, but at the same time it was a moment in which the spirit of the Camino was concentrated, its generous welcome, its willingness to be open to feelings, and to express emotions that had confronted me during this immersion in the Camino.

Had a great first night here, it was so lovely, and the food was awesome. In the top three of my camino. If you get the chance, then stay here.…

The place was fully booked but I was able to have the communal dinner which was a lovely way to start the Camino. Kind hospitality from Joseph and his son (Camino Spirit)! Thank you

Beilari in St. Jean was the perfect start to my first camino. Joseph's hospitality and mantra was a beautiful way to get into the camino spirit and mentality. He hosts a dinner the night before you begin your walk where you sit with your fellow pilgrims and talk, eat and find your first camino friends. I kept seeing the people from the first night throughout my entire walk through Spain which was extremely special. This is an *absolute must* stay for anyone coming through SJP, especially for first time pilgrims. It stands out in my mind as one of the most memorable experiences I had during my solo adventure.hank you